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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 2 Technology platforms: EU versus Russia

From: Technology platforms in Russia: a catalyst for connecting government, science, and business?

Characteristics ЕU Russia
Formative principle Bottom-up Top-down
Goals 1) Coordinating interests of EU countries 1) Creating new technologies
2) Linking fundamental research and practical applications 2) Attracting additional resources for R&D
3) Synergy among major stakeholders 3) Improving legal regulations in R&D and innovation
Tasks Developing strategic plans and roadmaps Developing strategic programs
Marketing of ideas Developing programs for disseminating new technologies
Educational activities
Expert functions for the government
Funding State, private, self-financing Government financing (planned), private (planned), self-financing
Government role Promoting platforms concept Participating in governing the platforms
Limited financial support of operational activities Attracting platforms as experts monitoring platforms' activities
  1. Source: compiled by the author.
  2. Russian TPs still face an uncertain future, not only in financial terms, but also because it remains unclear which of them will survive and which will be closed by the government.