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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 5 The functions of the institutional spheres for innovation in China

From: Four dimensions to observe a Triple Helix: invention of ‘cored model’ and differentiation of institutional and functional spheres

  Government University Industry
Unique functions • Make policies, regulations, and laws In general, produce, disseminate, and apply knowledge to create spirit value In general, applying scientific and technological knowledge to create material value
• Consider significant national programs and organizing key projects • Provide quality human resources for R & D • Produce products
• Provide funding for key national and regional R & D projects • Commit to basic research • Engage in experimental development
• Supervise the competition order • Develop education in innovation and entrepreneurship • Finance business
• Organize university-industry traffics • Marketing
Shared functions   • Help policy making and decision making through consulting
• Invent new technologies
• Provide various professional training  
• Provide consulting for business
• Promote postgraduate education
• Foster SMEs   • Foster SMEs
• Take care of environment protection • Take care of environment protection
• Construct innovation culture in the society
• Provide public service through consulting
• Help firm-formation
• Build the shared information platform