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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 7 Total assets of group companies of UREs in China (Top ten, as of 31 Dec 2010)

From: Four dimensions to observe a Triple Helix: invention of ‘cored model’ and differentiation of institutional and functional spheres

Ranking Company Total assets
(10 K CNY)
1 Peking University Asset Management Company Limited 6,752,347.90
2 Tsinghua Holdings Co., LTD. 5,060,424.00
3 Northeastern University science and Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd 1,194,610.31
4 Shanghai Tongji Science & technology Industrial Co., Ltd 711,519.86
5 Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd 614,569.87
6 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Industrial Invest & Management Co. Ltd. 471,187.69
上海交大产业投资管理 (集团)有限公司.
7 China University of Petroleum Holding Ltd. Qingdao 398,432.07
8 Zhejiang University Yuan Zheng Holding Group Co., Ltd 353,298.22
9 Scientific and Technological Industrial Group Ltd of SWJTU. Chengdu 281,052.51
成都西南交通大学产业 (集团)有限公司.
10 ShanDong University Industrial Group, Ltd 231,751.96
  1. Source: Official website of Science and Technology Development Center, Ministry of Education, see