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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 2 Comparison of data sources and datasets

From: Relational capital for shared vision in innovation ecosystems

  Deals and Alliances Relationships, Executive and Finance Relationships Startup and Angel Relationships
Source Proprietary (Thomson Reuters Financial) based on US SEC Data Innovation Ecosystems (IEN) dataset (Rubens et al. 2010), a socially constructed data source maintained for research purposes (based on social media, news, and press releases)
Type of data Alliance data (strategic, R&D, marketing, manufacturing, licensing, and supply) and status (active, terminated, pending) of public and private firms (37 SIC Codes, 4-digit) Relationship data of public and private firms, founders and key executives, angels and financial organizations, educational institutions, funding rounds, acquisitions, investments by individuals and companies
Types of relationships Corporation to corporation Individuals to companies, financing by individuals, companies, and VCs to companies, individuals to educational institutions
Years covered 1/1/1990 to 2014, cumulative 1/1/1994 to 2014, cumulative 2010 to 2014, cumulative
Data size   More than 200,000 companies and more than 200,000 key individuals More than 50,000 companies and almost 150,000 individuals.
Comment One of the most prominent, comprehensive, and accurate commercial databases used in the study of global interfirm relationships across multiple sectors (Schilling 2009) Collection of socially constructed data about technology-oriented companies in the information communication technology fields and the service companies (legal, accounting, advertising) that support them