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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 2 AMIEM consolidation

From: Management and assessment of innovation environments

AMIEM’s 11 factors Da Poian’s 11 factors Estrategigram’s axes CERNE’s levels
Time frame Time in location   
Governmental support Governmental support Networking  
Participation of the local community/networking Participation of the local community Market focus; networking Social/environmental responsibility; network development
Involvement of universities and research centers Involvement of U’s and research centers Technology source; kind of business Institutional relationship
Support from funding and promotional agencies Support from funding and promoting institutions Networking Institutional relationship
Presence of leading companies and institutions Presence of anchor industries and institutions Place x attraction Network development, institutional relationship
Physical space and location Physical space Location  
Governance and operational management Management structure Governance Basic and strategic management
Leadership Leadership Governance  
Publicity/promotion/advertisement Publicity/promotion/advertisement   
Living and workplace quality Quality of life and working conditions   
  1. Source: author’s tabulation