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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 4 AMIEM application

From: Management and assessment of innovation environments

Time frame Created in 1986; 8 years until reaching maturity. Created in 1997; 7 years to achieve current maturity level. Created in 2006; 2-3 years to achieve current maturity level Created in 1995, 5-7 to achieve current maturity Created in 1999; some cycles
Governmental support Yes, local government Yes, on a project-by-project basis Yes, from the state and local government Yes, on a project-by-project basis No support from local government; only on a project-by-project basis
Participation of the local community/networking Yes, different courses and events realized A relationship with PUC-Rio is necessary to be eligible for incubation Focus on companies Researchers/students Internal conflicts
Involvement of universities and research centers Mainly from UnB Exclusively with PUC-Rio Yes, such as Unesp, ITA, Unifesp, among others COPPE/UFRJ and research centers in Brazil and abroad UFF and Vital Brasil
Support from funding and promotional agencies UnB, FINEP, SEBRAE, BNDES PUC-Rio, FINEP, SEBRAE FAPESP, Embraer UFRJ, SEBRAE, FINEP, FAPERJ, CNPq, OGPar, Petrobras. UFF, FINEP, SEBRAE, Petrobras.
Presence of leading companies and institutions No Graduated companies Yes, Embraer Petrobras No
Physical space and location Recent expansion. 500 m2 Not enough. Area ±300 m2. Adequate and expanding. It is being expanded, but not enough. Not enough. Area ±200 m2
Governance and operational management Some autonomy from UnB. Four key management positions and horizontal structure. PUC-Rio’s unit with some autonomy. Divided into areas with specialized management team Management team changes every 4 years. Contracted staff members. COPPE/UFRJ’s unit, but with a permanent team and some autonomy Part of the Innovation Agency of UFF, without autonomy
Leadership The same group of managers from the beginning One general director and three managers of key areas Not identified One director and managers by area One director and project leaders
Publicity/promotion/advertisement Advertisements in communities surrounding Brasilia; large-scale publicity; various events There is an area devoted to publicity. Support from PUC-Rio Both from the park fees and local government’s part and also through events Fairs, events, student integration programs Through events and seminars; little known in and outside UFF
Life quality and work environment Encouraging, challenging, good quality of life Excellent. There is freedom, flexibility, little competition, opportunities to share opinions and to develop personal projects Adequate, encouraging, challenging It is going through some growth crises Tiring, given the excessive red tape at UFF
  1. Source: MCTI (2013); ANPROTEC (2012); Wegermann (2010); author’s tabulation