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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 3 Summary of studies using university/PRI inventive output indicators

From: Assessing economic impact of research and innovation originating from public research institutions and universities—case of Singapore PRIs

Inventive output indicators Authors
Disclosures Chapple et al. 2005
Disclosures, patents Carlsson and Fridh 2002
Gulbrandsen and Rasmussen 2012
Park et al. 2010
Knowledge infrastructure Keane and Allison 1999
Non-resident tuition rate Baryla and Dotterweich 2001
Patent citations Beaudry and Kananian. 2013
Jaffe et al. 1993
Meyer 2006
Owen-Smith and Powell 2003
Spencer 2001
Wang et al. 2011
Patents Agrawal and Henderson 2002
Bach and Llerena 2007
Baldini 2010
Bekkers and Freitas 2008
Bozeman and Kingsley 1997
Bozeman and Klein 1999
Fischer and Varga 2003
Georghiou and Roessner 2000
Huggins and Johnston 2009
Lissoni et al. 2013.
PRI-firm collaboration Sáez et al. 2002
Publication citations Abramo et al. 2009b
Tornquist and Hoenack 1996
Publication co-authorship Abramo et al. 2011
Abramo et al. 2009a
Publications Arundel and Geuna 2004
Cohen et al. 2002
Publications, budget Rogers et al. 1999
Publications, patents Dietz and Bozeman 2005
Nelson 2009
Publications, patents and citations McMillan et al. 2000
Narin, Hamilton and Olivastro 1995
Narin et al. 1997
R&D intensity Nelson 1986
R&D stocks, patents, citations Hall et al. 2005
University-industry research collaboration Villasana 2011