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Table 3 Specifics of project organizations/companies and CTOs functionality

From: Hidden Chief Technology Officers: the surfacing of a subterranean organizational role

Specifics Germany Hungary Romania Slovakia
№ and organizational specifics of project participants 1 University 3 Companies 2 Research institutes 1 University 1 University 1 Company 1 Research institute 1 University 1 Research institute
№ and background of direct project participants 2 Administration 5 Business 3 Top managers 3 Professors 4 Researchers 1 Administration 4 Professors 2 Researchers 2 Administration 4 Business 1 Top manager 3 Professors 4 Researchers 1Administration 4 Professors 2 Researchers
Specific of biomass technology use Ecosystem service/ Biogas technologies/small-scaled harvesting technologies / water treatment & bioenergy Biomass from agro forestry Biomass from forestry and invasive alien plant / biomass from agriculture and crops Biotechnology and food sciences/ agro biology/ biomass production from fast-growing trees, agriculture and crops/biogas technologies
Main organizational requests/motivation of project participation Technologies practical approbation and further development/ technologies transfer/ competences and long-term connections development via cluster activities Participation in biomass cluster/ long-term research and development connections/ energy-mix technologies/ Erosion protection and soil treatment Long-term research and development connections/ Harvesting technologies/energy-mix technologies/ water retention technologies in terms of biomass cultures Energy-mix technologies/ drought resistance technologies/ long-term research and development connections
Official positions combined with CTO’s functions Managerial directors, heads of department, head of R&D department Vice dean Director of research center, scientific director, general manager Head of faculty, head of research laboratory
  1. Source: Lohmueller, Petrikhin 2017, IPDMC24, Reykjavik Conference; based on the Danube Biomass project workshops protocols and interviews analysis