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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 1 Comparison between our data and Rasmussen and Sørheim’s findings

From: Building builders: entrepreneurship education from an ecosystem perspective at MIT

  Conceptual outcomes Procedural outcomes Attitudinal outcomes Enterprising culture
MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service Knowledge gained through content sharing. Mentors share their skills and teach how to do things (e.g., marketing plan). Mentors being a role model and giving feedbacks about choices and behaviors. Real-life business experience. Permeates the MIT campus. Mentors as role models. VMS network inspiration.
MIT Media Lab Deep focus on the scientific frontiers. Internal knowledge platforms and knowledge exchange culture. Workshops, open laboratories, and hackathons. Technical skills built upon a “prototype and learn” culture. Teamwork competencies due to collective projects. Big companies sponsorship; entrepreneurial faculty members.
MIT’s 2.009 course Course readings and lectures. Project-based activities; technical expertise on machine building exercises; public pitching skills. Resilience and focus due to the highly demanding program; creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. Professor’s passion and innovative teaching methods.
Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship Knowledge gained through content sharing and course readings. Business skills training during the program through courses and business people guidance. Real-life business experience; teamwork. University leadership support.
Jönköping Creative Center Course readings and lectures. Content exchange between incubated entrepreneurs. Reflections through the self-employment experience and mentors support. Real-life business experience; mentors being a role model and giving feedbacks about choices and behaviors. University flexibility towards student entrepreneurship;
Mälardalen University Course readings and lectures. Knowledge sharing through spaces Practical commercialization projects; co-working community exchange Real-life business experience with a mentors network. External funding for student projects; innovative and engaging space.
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