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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 8 Public roles for innovation in networks

From: The public sector’s role in Norwegian network cooperation: triple helix or laissez-faire?

  MA Blue Maritime CleanTech Smart Energy Smart Care
Public sector, national level Not mentioned Not important Important. Roles: regulator, customer, target for lobbying Important. Roles: regulator, target for lobbying Important. Roles: customer of welfare technology products
Public sector, regional and local level Important at county level. Roles: facilitator. Varying importance at local level, depending on resources available Somewhat important. Roles: facilitator, target for lobbying and legitimacy building Not important Important. Roles: partners, customers, trendsetter (county level) Important. Roles: customers, partners, competence roker (county level)
Public policy implementation system (funding, advising, training) Varying evaluation. Roles: funding. Main critics: too bureaucratic routines Somewhat important. Roles: funding incubators, training Important. Roles: funding Important. Roles: funding Important. Roles: funding, advising