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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 3 Regional characteristic industries supported by ZJU

From: The Role the University Could Play in an Inclusive Regional Innovation System

Industry Area Product
Tea Anji The export of tea and tea processing
Zunyi Green tea, organic tea
Longquan Oolong Tea
Corn Wuxing Sweet, waxy corn
Sericulture Anji Mulberry, silkworm breeding and promotion of new varieties, comprehensive utilization and development of sericulture
Fruit Nanxun Grape
Deqing Grape
Quzhou Citrus
Lishui Precocious sand pear
Huzhou Watermelon, muskmelon, pumpkin
Aquatic products Wuxing Testudinate
Xiangshan Penaeusvannamei, swimming crab
Hangzhou Turtle
Qingtian Rice fish
GuizhouMeitan Rice fish
Edible fungi Longquan Pleurotus nebrodensis, black fungus, Ganoderma Lucidum
Livestock and poultry Ninghai Free range chicken
Jiaxing Pig, chicken, duck
Guangxi Yizhou  
Chinese herbal medicine Panan Eight Zhes and rare and endangered medicinal plants (including Dendrobiumcandidum), genuine medicinal materials, development of traditional rare medicinal herbs and high-tech products