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Table 1 Template used to collect information about the startups

From: Triple Helix and the evolution of ecosystems of innovation: the case of Silicon Valley

Name Plazah MetaMoto Zentri Crysp JeyLore Parrable
Position (interviewee) CEO & Co-founder CEO & Co-founder VP, Business Development and Product, Marketing Co-founder COO & Co-founder CEO & Co-founder
Num. of founders 2 2 3 2 3 2
Board of advisors Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Product Platform that gives everyone instant access to sell top products and services from some of today’s leading companies Metamoto brings best practices for test and validation of autonomous system software to world-class enterprises and is a provider of superior simulation-centric products and services. Helps companies build secure-connected products such as industrial HVAC systems to highly critical connected medical devices to high end commercial appliances. Zentri provides a secure IoT platform with integrated product OS, SaaS, and Mobile to deliver a connected product experience. Crysp enables verification of users based on how they interact with their devices, leveraging their device-usage patterns, typing rhythm, gestures and touch-related sensor data. AI-powered platform that maps consumer behavior into structured predictive attributes. This structured data allows companies to optimize content and communication, make better merchandising decisions, optimize search, and empower customer service. Parrable unifies a user’s profile across one device with its patented technology by providing the fundamental unit of data which is necessary for any advertiser, publisher or data company to target, retarget and/or measure their spend across any device.
Founding date 2016 2017 2013 2014 2012 2010
Headquarters Los Gatos, CA Los Altos, CA Los Gatos, CA Silicon Valley, CA San Mateo, CA San Francisco, CA
Sector e-commerce Autonomous Car IoT Software Software, AI Software for marketing
Team 6 6 23 4 NA 15
Accelerator No No No Yes Yes Yes