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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Table 7 Organizational characteristics of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd.

From: Towards a typology of university technology transfer organizations in China: evidences from Tsinghua University

Dimensions Description
1. Degree of disciplinary specialization Discipline integrated: it invests in enterprises which are engaged in the fields of information technology, energy conservation and environment protection, integrated circuit and biological health, technical service and knowledge industry, and other multiple disciplines.
2. Degree of task specialization Fully integrated: the tasks range from legal management, commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech firms’ incubation, investment management, and asset/capital operation. Its aim is to maintain and increase the state-owned assets’ value.
3. Level of autonomy Semi-dependent: it is a state-owned limited liability corporation, legally independent, undertaking sole risk for its investment and losses. Generally, the university does not intervene in the operation and development, but exerts influence on crucial issues via an ad hoc organization -- the Office of Business Asset Administration—established in 2006.
4. Degree of exclusivity Exclusive: it is responsible for the invested enterprises by the Tsinghua Holding Ltd. only
5. Professionalization High level: it sets up the Technology Assets Operation Center in 2013 and recruited 8 full-time employees responsible for professional management of the holding company. They maintain close and frequent contact with various academic departments at Tsinghua University to identify promising technologies with potential commercial prospects. The staff have work experience in business management, legal affairs, patent application and licensing, etc.
6. Standardization High level: in 2013, the Holding Corporation issued the Regulations on the Equity Stock and Technology Capitalist and the Regulations on Investment of Enterprises in Tsinghua University.